Saratoga's History

Kevin and Colleen St. John own and operate Saratoga Grill, which opened in downtown Hillsborough in February 1995. The couple came to North Carolina from upstate New York, where Kevin had worked in the restaurant business for 18 years before opening Saratoga. The first restaurant he waited tables in as a teenager was in Saratoga, N.Y., and with both he and Colleen being horse racing fans, the caf├ęs name and logo seemed inevitable.

Featuring fresh mesquite and charcoal grilled seafood, and several beef, and steak dishes, the St. Johns insist on the highest quality ingredients and good service. You’ll usually find Kevin cooking in the kitchen – especially at lunch time, but both he and Colleen make a point to visit with diners regularly, and often wait on guests themselves. The entire staff is friendly and takes the time to get to know their regular customers. It’s this personal touch that makes Saratoga Grill so different.

Some of the more popular items on the menu include the Honey Almond Salmon and a Broiled Seafood Platter featuring mussels, salmon, sea scallops and baked stuffed shrimp. Salad dressings are made in the kitchen, and Colleen’s sought-after scone recipe remains a secret. Kevin listens to their customers and adapts the menu, including creating lighter fare menus with smaller portions and pasta dishes for the vegetarian.

Reservations are suggested but not required for lunch. Saratoga Grill also offers a wonderful setting for parties and special lunches, including bridal showers, intimate wedding receptions, and birthday and holiday parties, and event catering is also available.

Saratoga Grill Dining Room 2009

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